second attemp email...

Started by Jay Dagenais August 30, 2006
I just got my first attempt returned in error, so hopefully this one will go through. Again it is me, still looking for a freely available and/or open-source hardware programmer/debugger design for developing with the HC12/912/S12 if there is even such a thing? I have a ton of sample devices but still haven't had a chance to work with them.

The last ime I wrote asking about this I was told about loading code via RS232. I have tried thsi out a few times with the M68EVB912B32 eval board I have but have not had alot of luck with this. I think that I tried using ICC12 and Hyperterm, I got it to communicate and everything but never loaded anything to the device yet.

Since then I have managed to check out some of P&E's parallel port debuggers for the PPC and the HC16. Opened them both to compare designs and found that they were identical but for the IC used for what I think is the programming algorythme, but even then I think that the IC's had identical markings?? so I dunno. Both the debuggers I checked out were fried already so I couldn't check their functionality but based on what I have seen I am intrigued as to whether or not I could simply buy a HC12 firmware IC and swap out the fried HC16 firmware IC and use that debugger for the HC12's? Anyone been here already?

Plus, what if any are the restrictions in loading code via RS232? I assume this is similar to bootloaders found in other devices like the PIC and AVR and that if the device was erased the loader code would have to be replaced before being able to laod code with serial cable only? I ask because of the sample devices I have, I assume that they arenot shipped from factory with this 'bootloader' or are they? If I hooked up a MAX232 or similar IC and gave the device a clock would that be a minimal working configuration? Can I use this with the HC08 devices also?

I really want to get working with these chips, I have read some of the datasheet and have the CPU12 manual and all the other documents that came with the dev board I have, just don't have a debugger or programmer nor the cash to buy one else I would have by now!
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