Re: Metrowerks Ver3.1 & DBug12 Flash Programming

Started by Jeff Smith August 16, 2007
Hellow from the dumps...

I reply to this post from 2005 because it's quite related to what I'm
going to say. I never really used CodeWarrior, but I'm going to try to
use it to debug using D-Bug12.

I talked to FSL and verified that 3.1 is the latest CodeWarrior
release that supported debugging through the D-Bug12 serial interface.
the J2MEJediMaster (Tom) on the Freescale Forum had claimed that it
was 4.1, but that release only supported S12X and no D-Bug12.

I begin to wonder why I'm trying to get CW working with D-Bug12
because I see it was not very good support (not anything like I
expected having used NoICE and D-Bug12 4.x).

I think I'm also finding that the db12 interface was only made for my
older MCU like 'HC912B32, but of course the S12 (D-Bug12 4.x.x)
version of db12 should understand many of the commands. After a lot of
downloading and installing (and uninstalling), I finally have CW 3.1
again. I started Hiwave.exe" without parameters, selected D-Bug12, and
it connected. I didn't debug anything because I don't know how to get
source code or change to a different address to disassemble. It sounds
like a good start.

I can't see how to create a new project for the B32 because it only
offers S12 targets in the new-project wizzard. I'm going to find some
old projects and try debugging them.

Drop a line if you have comments, and I'll update later on my exploration.
--- In 6..., Gilles Blanquin
> Hi.
> The D-bug12 is a Legacy host target interface provided "as is"
> for backward compatibility purposes in Metrowerks Ver 3.0 &
> Ver 3.1.
> Also the flash programming support as never been implemented in
> the D-bug12 Target Interface, when the target board is used in
> POD mode.
> Regards,
> Gilles