Re: D64 COP: the saga continues

Started by Petrescu March 25, 2008
Hi Wade,
Can you tell us how did you configured your hardware reset circuit
for the microprocessor?

WadeA & RebeccaM Smith wrote:
> It looks like I NEED a REAL hardware reset for the COP to go to.
> I added a standard 2x16 LCD. In the init code it checks the "busy
> flag" (read Status is 0x80) and waits there until it goes away.
> Everything works wonderfully UNTIL you do not plug in the LCD. Now
> the processor goes off into la-la land.
> According to NoICE, the system jumps to COP vector, which is the same
> address that is stored at 0xFFFE, which is 0xF000, which is the start
> of the TwinPeeks monitor. Now that it is in the monitor, it stays
> there forever resetting into whereever (one of the first things the
> monitor does is to clear the soft reset vectors at 3f40-3fff so that
> the next hit of the COP goes to whereever BGND takes it.
> I put in some code to check for waiting too long at the
> waitForBusyFlagToQuit code. I also put in code to "petThePuppy" and
> STILL it insists on COPping out.
> Suggestions?
> How do I get a real hardware reset to happen through software?
> wade