Speed of downloads with IAR debugger

Started by Andrei Chichak August 2, 2008
Hello all,

Does anyone out there use IAR's HC12 compiler/debugger? I am using a
P&E Cyclone Pro and the download time for a 21K program is about 5
minutes. By the time I get the debugger going, I can't seem to
remember what the heck I was trying to fix.

I discussed this with P&E and they figured that IAR is just using the
Cyclone as a big, expensive, dumb BDM module. Doing a
reset/program/verify/lock cycle with the Cyclone stand-alone takes 10
seconds, so the Cyclone is not the problem. When I talked to IAR they
more or less said, yup, seems to be.

Am I missing something or is IAR just really slow to download?