EEPROM mapping with Codewarrior

Started by Daniel Lundin December 11, 2003
Using: Codewarrior 3.0 on HCS12DG128

How do I map the EEPROM with Codewarrior?

The only way I know of is to set the INITEE register manually.
If I do that, everything will be fine except that the memory
will then be erased at startup, which I don't want.
I have written FLASH ERASE 1-8 in preload.cmd to exclude the
EEPROM from beeing erased. But sence CW won't know about the
INITEE change which will take place at runtime, it will probably
erase at the default address and clear where I acctually want to
place the EEPROM.

Is there a better way to map the EEPROM which will make CW
aware of the new location?

Thanks in advance,
Daniel Lundin