Started by Graham Tricker February 26, 2004
Hi all

I currently have a system using two MC9S12DP256 connected via an spi
interface. I have a requirement to be able to bootload both processors via
1 serial port. We already use the Motorola D-Bug12 bootloader successfully
in other applications.

We have decided to wire the serial port direct to SCI0 on the first
processor as usual and echo this signal out on SCI1 to the second processor
when required. I have managed so far to achieve echoing of data to and from
the second processor by running a fast background loop and checking for
chars from the terminal and from the second processor and echoing to the
required port. This works well when I action terminal commands and transfer
smallish amounts of data. When I attempt to use the Bootloader and transfer
an s-record it works briefly before displaying Bad Hex, I am assuming the Rx
buffers get filled up and the getchar, putchar routines can not keep up.

The two SCI ports are configured the same as XOn/XOff ports at 57600 Baud.

Has anybody got any ideas on this, i.e. feasibility, what direction I should
go in next.

Thanks in advance

Graham **********************************************************************
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