912D60A *min* Frequency of operation?

Started by mkowitt May 12, 2004
My basic question is this: is the D60A a "fully static" design?

I'm looking at a new design using the 912D60A, and I've noticed
an unusual spec change from the (older) 912B32 that I'm more
familiar with:

* The 'B32 spec's a minimum freq. for f0 (ECLK) as DC (see table
19.14 in M68HC12B/D-Rev 8.0).

* The 'D60A has a non-zero minimum frequency spec of 4 kHz
(see table 20-12 in MC68HC912D60A/D-Rev 3).

I understand there is a minimum operating freq. associated with
the PLL, but I am using an external clock with VDDPLL grounded.
Similarly, other subsystems (like the ADC, or writing to
byte-EEPROM) will have minimum freq. requirements, but aside from
that I understood the HC12's to be completely static designs, like
the older HC11.

A (related?) myster spec in table 20-10 is the min F_READ > 32kHz
for the Flash EE read bus clock frequency. Does this mean that
for s-l-o-w ECLK's, the flashEE is somehow unreadable? This seems
very different from the 'B32, and I want to make sure I have a
clear understanding of what's going on under the hood.

Thanks for any clarifications you might have.