Bootloader w/Cosmic assembler

Started by marquisdehappe August 12, 2004

Hi. Has anyone out there gotten the bootloader from Motorola AN2153 to
work with the Cosmic assembler?

I've tried that bootloader, the simplified one on the CD that comes with Gordon
Doughman's book and another variation on AN2153 I obtained elsewhere
and can't get any of them to work.

By changing the two macros in AN2153 I can get it to assemble and load to
the device using the Zap debugger and the BDM. I can execute the code from
the Zap debugger but I don't get the bootloader menu to appear on the

If I reduce the terminal baud to 1200 or 2400, I get a spurrious character
repeated over and over, but nothing at 9600 baud.

I know my hardware is all working because I have a C program I can load with
the Zap debugger which seccessfully sends data over the SCI to Hyperterm at
9600 baud.

I'm using an MC9S12A256 with a 16 mhz oscillator.

The other odd thing is that this behavior is not replicated if I simply turn off
power to the MC9S12A256 device and turn it back on (the code only seems to
execute if I manually execute it from the debugger).

According to Cosmic, I've got my vector and link files set up correctly.

Anyone had a similar experience and triumphed?

Steve Henck