at91sam7se512 static memory controller to LCD interface

Started by Ewout December 4, 2009
Hi everyone,

does anyone have any experience in using the at91sam7se (or at91sam9 with EBI) static memory controller to hook-up to a 68 or 80 series interface?

In the datasheet, it is said that "The SMC can be configured to work with an external LCD controller by setting the ACSS bit in the SMC_CSR registers.....".

The problem is, in our case the display (a Densitron OLED display module with a SEPS525 controller) has a shared data/address bus. In the at91sam7se data sheet, this fact is overlooked as both data and address lines are shown in the timing diagrams. Do I need external logic to multiplex these lines then? The datasheet is pretty vague about it.

Before I commit myself head over heels into a scarcely documented set-up, it would be of great value if someone could confirm Atmel's claim.