openembedded on at91sam9g45 - linux does not print to debug uart?

Started by "Andrew Kohlsmith (mailing lists account)" July 9, 2010
Good evening, everyone,

I'm trying to bring up a custom board with an at91sam9g45; the stock Linux
image shows me debugging output as the kernel comes up (and then a kernel
panic as the hx170dec driver does something nasty).

I have tried building my own linux image using the at91sam9g45ekes_defconfig.
Now I've verified that CONFIG_AT91_EARLY_DBG is set to 'y' but when I flash this
kernel over, u-boot says the image is fine but when it jumps to the kernel I
don't see anything else. If I flash the stock kernel image for this board
over, it does seem to start up ok.

Now this board has 64MB of RAM on it as opposed to 128 on the development
board I'm modelling it on, but even with memdM set on the command line
nothing changes. I can't be 100% sure, but I don't think that this is the
issue. As I mentioned, the stock at91sam9g45ekes kernel image provided at
appears to work not too badly.

I'm sure this is something stupid-simple, but I'm so far unable to see it. Can
anyone offer any assistance?