Re: Off Topic - PIC Programming HELP!!! PIC16C63A CHIPwithICSP & Programmer from JAYCAR

Started by David Jones June 3, 2004
>>> w9sz@w9sz... 03/06/2004 2:19:21 pm >>>
>Very true, I now tend to favor the flash versions of the Microchip
>The 16F88 has a lot of features built in.

>I've been finding the ATmega8 to be quite a versatile chip too, if you

>need A/D converters on a microcontroller. The programming of the UART
>A/D setup is much easier on the Atmel devices than on the PIC's.

I use C for everything now, so peripheral setup is not usually a

I've just been having a nighmare of an introduction to AVR's, trying to
get the Tiny26 to work. The PIC's are infinitely easier and more
sensible by comparision. Although to be fair, I realise that I probably
picked the most troublesome AVR chip in the Tiny26, as the STK500 needs
to be modified to use this chip. But do you think they tell you that in
the latest user manual? - nope!
I've also unknowingly locked up the ISP mode on the chip by accidently
programming the wrong fuse bits. After which you have to use the high
voltage programming to enable the ISP mode again - crazy stuff. Once
again, not fully explained in the manuals or data sheets, you have to
work it out for yourself. I can only imagine what confusion this would
cause a raw beginner using AVRs...
Beware those who only have a serial ISP programmer...

Dave :)