how send and received string characters on UART (8515 on STK 500)???

Started by torvech May 30, 2002
Hi everebody,
and sorry for my English ( I'm French),

I'm a beginner in the world of the AVR
GCC, and when I study the
GCCTEST7 (avrfreaks) on my PC, I can't
send or received few characters
on the UART.
I know that I modify few routines on
UART.C but I don't know what ???

So , I want send few datas via UART in
push switches on the STK 500
Board, and I want receive datas on LCD
( I know how print on the

Do I used "array" for the
If I do!, How can I do ??

I used the GCCTEST7 for that, and I want you help me
to modify this
program !!!

Please, help me...