Re: [AVR-Chat] LCD 2

Started by Zack Widup November 19, 2007
>From the looks of it, you've gone way beyond simply trying to get the LCD
to display something. How much microcontroller experience have you had?

I know there are people here who believe writing in higher-level languages
than assembler is not the way to go, but at least to start out I think it
is a great learning tool and is what you need to do.

You need to start off simple; get the datasheet for the HD44780 controller
and write your own program bit-banged in assembler. Don't try to do
anything complicated at first; just send it a few characters with your
program to get the feel for how it displays things. Once you know how to
make it display characters, then you can start sending it data from some
other part of your program.

I wrote my own code for the controller and after a couple initial bugs I
have never had problems with it. I did the same for the PNI digital
compass chips and other things.

I have the datasheet for the controller on my website:


On Sun, 18 Nov 2007, Omid Station wrote:

> Dear all
> Thanks for your reply to my pervious E-mail about LCD ( character ) . unfortunately my problem still exists.
> My controller LCD is on my LCD chip and is not a separate chip. I think it woks properly. It is possible header file lcd.h does not work properly.
> Can you send me that header file?
> My LCD is 20*4 please give me code file too show this words:
> Distarnse:
> Position:
> Mode:
> Time:
> Please help me as soon as possible.
> Thanks
> Regards