Re: Intro books covering ATMega

Started by December 7, 2009
Hi Lee,

I just emailed you via facebook. I was finding this link for a book that might help you:
> Hi. I'm teaching an intro class to embedded processor applications.
>The first part of the class used the Parallax Basic stamp, which is
>based on the PIC. I'm planning on using one of the ATMega's (8535,
>16, or 32. What I'm looking for is any intro to AVR books that cover
>the ATMega line. I'm going to have the students use a processor in a
>breadboard, no pre-made boards, so I'm only looking at processors
>that come in 40 pin DIPS and have analog inputs. If anyone knows of a
>book that covers any of these processors I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
>Lee Thalblum