Nokia Lcd & SPI

Started by tishamp July 17, 2003
Hello all,
This is basically about 2 different things,
1:The LCD,
Various projects especially the yampp project uses a 3210 lcd,I am
just trying to use it as a display without doing anything fancy.I
got the circuit hooked up,how do I check if the Pads are connected
and the Lcd is powering up or in worst case it is not conked out.Any
simple test circuit and procedure will be helpful.I just want to see
all the display go dark or something,since there is no way to read
data back from the lcd there is no hope for me using the mcu,but
anyway I could write a little code and hook up a few Led's etc.

2:The MCU,serial port(SPI)
I communicate to the LCD using the SPI inteface,is there a simple
way to toest if this is working?

Thanks a lot for indulging me,