Serial Splitter or multi-1-wire interface?

Started by James Mansion June 25, 2003
I want to talk to a number of 1-wire LANs (about 5) each of which has
multiple devices on it.

I also have some relays to control.

I'd like to do this from a device with just one serial port (a PDA, as it

I have a BX24 dev kit.

Now, in theory I could hang it all off the BX24 but I'm still a hardware
newbie and I don't have as much confidence in the 1-wire access as I would
using, say, a DS9097U. (Forget about surface mount stuff!). And Quasar
Electronics sell a handy serial isolated relay board.

I can see how I could use an escape sequence to allow me to select each comm
port and then do passthrough, so we have the directable COM3 stuff and a
bunch of MAX245 or whatever. It seems simple on the face of it - is it
really that simple?

Even better - does anyone know of a kit or COTS widget that will do this at
a sensible cost?