Newbie with EDE702/LCD question

Started by eldocountry July 13, 2003
Hey guys,

Please bear with me, I'm new to the BX series, but have a BX24 for a
project I'm working on: a vacuum tube stereo amp with LCD display and
relay control.

The problem is, the LCD is a 2x20 from bgmicro that uses the 4 bit data
interface (sends two groups of 4 bits) and that's interfaced to an
EDE702 setup for 9600 baud.

Is there anyone out there who's worked with something similar who could
provide some tips or sample code to just get my LCD up and running? Any
EDE702 users out there? I've programmed in regular Basic before and had
a semester with the BS2, but this stuff is pretty different.

Thanks guys!