putEEPROM stopped working

Started by hammer1106 November 26, 2003

I have a BX-24 with 32K EEPROM using the 2.1 downloader. The program
reads and stores data using this statement:

Call PutEEPROM(CurrentAddress, sngTemp1F, ElementSize)

with current address above program end at starting at 20000 and
element size being 4. This program worked fine until I lost power for
several days to the remote location where the Bx-24 is. The same
program works on another BX-24, the only other difference is I use a
different computer to load each Bx-24 (both use same 2.1 version). I
reloaded the program but still no changes otherwise everything works
right including GetEEPROM

I know that Call PutEEPROM does not work with the 64K EEPROM version
and 32K is checked on the CHIP panel.

Any Ideas? Thanks

Tom Hammerich