Setting Relays on the LCD+...

Started by airmaledfw February 19, 2004

For some reason, whenever I tell the LCD+ to set/reset any of the on-
board relays by sending two bytes to the LCD+, 18 Decimal followed by
1~255 Decimal, the LCD+ spits an 82 Decimal back at me.

Now, in the LCD+ documentation it mentions that the first byte I send
the LCD+ (18 Decimal) is a CTRL-R. Is the LCD+ echoing this "R" from
a CTRL-R back at me for a reason? None of the other two byte CTRL-
Character functions seem to echo anything back at me... for instance,
position cursor, 16 Decimal (CTRL-P) followed by 1~80 Decimal. Only
the set/reset relays function spits back an unexpected comm character
and it's always 82 Decimal (R).

I don't have anything connected to the relays to induce a power
fluctuation or anything like that. Was just surprised at the
unexpected comm character I get when talking to the relay chip on the