ATN line works but no halting

Started by Paul Tegler March 30, 2004
Using the ATN line util, the aTN signal goes high and low
as expected, verified with a voltmeter.

My BX24 will not seem to halt now either. I recently installed
the 2.0 (and now post 2.x version) of the IDE and this particular
BX24 (and the board it's in) works fine. The program in it is
running, the reset button resets it (prog led lit...prog
running, green light lit...standard in all my programs now) out to a
serial display is active and updates as expected.

But when downloading, the HALT error comes up and won't accept a new
download. Watching the voltmeter, the ATN line never goes positive,
when attempting to download. The ATN util verifies the ATN line is
swinging fron -11.52V to +11.54 during the test. But never changes on

So is the newer IDE the problem here! HELP!!!