Bipolar motors ?

Started by Juan Carlos Arroyo Sosa September 10, 2004
How can I control bipolar motors whit BX24 , and how can I conect ULN2003

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> How can I control bipolar motors [with the] BX24, and how can
> I connect ULN2003 amplifier?

The ULN2003 would normally be used to drive unipolor stepper motors
(as well as other high current devices). For bipolor steppers, you
need a bipolar driver such as the L293D or L298N

I would suggest that you get the book "Easy Step'n" by David Benson.
It has a lot of information on stepper motors and driver circuits.
Most of the examples use a PIC microcontroller but the concepts are
exactly the same as you would use with a BX-24. The book is
available from several sources including