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Started by Chris October 19, 2004
Marc, You can't use Java. BasicX has it's own language and
even if you found a converter it would not be 100% compatible.

If you can program in Java you can do BasicX. Download our
IDE and give it a try, it's very easy. Regards,


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> With the bx-24 using a subset of the visual basic language I was
> wondering exactly how i could write my application in Java and get
> it to communicate with the chip.
> I've done some lengthy searches for Java to VB conversion programs
> but all have returned dissapointing results.
> How can i communicate with the microcontroller using Java as the
> development platform of choice?
> Is there any way of not using visual basic at all and communicating
> with the chip directly throught the comm ports?
> Desperate and in need of help.
> Marc. >
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