BX & siteplayer ?

Started by dakota_99_64804 November 17, 2004

I've been playing with a Siteplayer, BasicX24, and a BS2p24 for a
while now. The problem i am having is getting the siteplayer and
basicX24 to talk to each other? I've managed to get both the
siteplayer & bs2p24 to talk to each other just fine. The only change
is the two stamp & program on the stamp. It seem that the basicX24
hangs while connected to the siteplayer, but once disconnected it runs
fine. I am using a modifed version of the code found on Tom Igeo's site:

so the code looks like this:

sub main ()
' set up serial port:
call defineCom3(12,11,bx1000_1000)
call openQueue(inputBuffer, 13)
call openQueue(outputBuffer, 10)
call openCom(3,9600,inputBuffer, outputBuffer) do
' read serial data in:
if statusQueue(inputBuffer) = true then
call getQueue(inputBuffer, inByte, 1)

' if you got the message from director, send out data:
if inByte = 65 then
debug.Print "data reveived"
debug.print "no data"
end if
end if
end sub

I've try to connect the 2 (siteplayer & basicX) the same way as on
Tom's page:

but found that it somewhat worke if i make the (TX line only)connect
through 7404 and no connection to the RX of the siteplayer.

Well hopefully this makes sense and can be put on the right path.