How do I use serial to usb connection

Started by alan16828 January 19, 2005

My comp does not have a serial port, so I bought a usb to serial
connector in order to communicate with the basic x-24, but how do I
change the comp port to usb instead of the default serial? Any help
would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

> ... how do I change the comp port to usb...

Windows XP will assign a COM port number to the UBS-RS232 converter when
it is installed. Mine, for example, when plugged into a USB port on the
front of my machine, becomes COM3.

In XP, look in My
Computer/Properties/Hardware/DeviceManager/Ports(COM&LPT). You should
see an entry like "ATEN USB to Serial Cable (COM3)". Use COM3, or
whatever yours indicates, in the Basic-X IDE. Other Windows versions
are similar. Tom
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