Slightly OT: Getting Started with AVR Chips

Started by Mike Perks April 2, 2005
The BasicX platform is great for beginners because there is a low
initial investment in both hardware and software. The platform is also
good for more advanced folks because it provides a very good prototyping
and even production platform.

However I like to dig deeper into things and find out how they work.
Hence my set of articles explaining the internals of the BasicX
platform. The next logical step for me was to start playing with the
Atmel AVR chips directly.

In order to do this you need a programmer that is used to download a
program into the flash memory of the chip. There are several different
programmers available but in the end I decided to build one for myself
as a learning experience. I also limited my investment to less than $9
not including the actual AVR chip. I have documented what I did on my
website and hopefully some of you may find this of interest.