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Started by arhodes19044 April 18, 2005

And sometimes the similarity is due to the fact that there is ONE
good way to do the job.

I once wrote some ASM code to use the PC FPU for some intense 80 bit
repetetive math operations. Not many variables, but a TON or
recursive calculations. It was possible to do nearly all the
calculations in the FPU stack. It was as streamlined as I knew how
to do it. I spent a lot of time thinking and writing.

Not long afterward, I saw some software that did the same stuff. I
disasm'd it and found..... voila the same code. Exactly the same.
Not many lines were used for the recursive calculations, but the
technique and the sequence were identical.

That is because for the relatively simple task, and the relatively
constrained spectrum of possible methods, there is only one BEST way
to do it. If you find the BEST way, then someone else is likely to
do the same.

Smetimes IP theft is not.


P.S. I also never charge people for my IP. I give it away (I
suppose because I have a different day job with an entirely
different sort of intellectual demands). It really annoys me that
everyone wants to charge people for basic info. Like once I was
looking for a reference to how to tune the carburetor on my
snowblower. Lots of places on the internet wanted to SELL me a
manual. I just needed to see an exploded diagram. Never did find
one for free. I had to get on my knees and look. Then it was easy.

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