multitasking with sensors and servo motor

Started by sinsynplus July 2, 2005

i want to do an office chair which runs away from people therefore i'm
using 5 sharp gp distance sensors for his eyes and one servo motor for
steering and a dc motor for moving - more about this project see this link


(unfortunately description is in german)
at the moment its not quite workin - so when the sensors detect - the
servo moves but not the dc motor (dc starts when servo is not
occupied)... and for natural movement they should work both at the
same time
in my first approach i'm controlling the servo directly from the bx24
and the dc with an texas instruments sn 754410ne Hbridge over the pins
26 and 27 as it is descriped in the dual PWM pdf from netmedias app-notes

so would i have to use an servo controller or is it possible to do it
without ? - should the servo be controlled with pins 26 27 instead of
the dc motor ? - what basic architecture would you suggest? <a