servo controller power down

Started by Stefie100 August 8, 2005

We're using the "Super Servo Controller" board. We want to power down
the servos after moving them to a position. However, sometimes when we
power down, the servo moves a few degrees. It happens at power down
time; we wait about a second after moving the servo to power it down.
It happens in ranges where the servo is not jittering.

The servo appears to be controlled by sending a square wave of different
widths. We think that when power is cut, an unintentionally shorter
pulse is sometimes sent, causing the servo to move to a new position. A second problem is that the controller sometimes ignores a move
command; we send the command over the serial line and occasionally the
servo just doesn't move at all.

Is there any fix for these two problems? We were getting around second
by sending commands multiple times, but we don't have a solution for the
first one.