MIDI Delta Time question

Started by wurlitzer28 October 7, 2005
I have an operating Pipe Organ Combination Action controller using a
BX-24 to scan 88 pistons and control 512 stop magnets. This works
very well. My customer would like to have this same device monitor a
MIDI data stream and, using a unique channel (5), simulate the
pushing of one of the 88 pistons.

In the MIDI mode, the BX-24 does NOT have to be scanning the pistons
so it can simply work on processing the data stream until it gets a
Channel 5 message

Has anyone in the group handled the "MIDI Delta Time" processing
required in a BX-24?

I will be looking at Channel 5 and note on messages 33 to 96 using
running status.(not all 88 pistons need to be addressed). These will
be infrequent messages in a very busy data stream but the timing
still is important. Not as important as individual note on/off
messages but close enough for government work.

Thanks in advance.