Netmedia: Request for com port enhancment - null queue

Started by cfrancois_55116 February 18, 2006
Being able to specifiy a dummy pin _AND_ queue address when using com3
would help to avoid the queue storage waste for uni-directional serial
communications. This issue has come up numerous times with no
resolution.  Can we please get this fixed?  BTW, Zbasic has addressed
this problem.

Thanks for your consideration.
> ... specif[ying] a dummy pin _AND_ queue address...

Can that nine-byte queue overhead be assigned a RAM address that is 
overlapped by other vars?  Is a COM3 "dummy" queue used after it's

Answering myself after some (more) thought, some workspace is
necessary to support the OS COM3 background functions if open, whether
currently active or not.  It is still looking for received data and
clocking in-process transmit data.

Disregard my early-Saturday-morning fog, please.