Serial protocol

Started by Mikael Karstikko April 2, 2006
Hello !

I have an extra Innovate XD-16 display, and i'd like to display speed
from an gps ...
I can handle getting speed from the gps , but driving this display
doesn't seem to work ...

It uses normal serial data 19200, 8, 1 ( could the problem be with my 5V
TTL level ? )
and reads a 16bit word - 3x16bits in total lenght .
I haven't gotten any readings displayed no matter what i try sending to
the display . ( once in a while a error message is displayed tough )
With the PC software it works ...
Also , how do i convert my 3 digit speed reading Integer to a 10bit word ?

This is the protocol provided by the manufacturer :
Thanks !

- Mikael Karstikko

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"The serial data consists of packets of 16 bytes (in normal operation
every 81.92 msec). The packets are organized as eight 16 bit numbers in
big endian order. Only the first Byte of a packet has the high bit set
to denote a packet start. The following table shows the bit/word order
of a packet. The descriptions of each WORD follows..."

It looks like you need to send two bytes per 16-bit word, MSB first.
16-bit values (integers, here) can be split into MSB and LSB easily:

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