Two serial ports at once

Started by Edward Ringel April 8, 2006
Hi all,

Hoping to get some help which may be of interest to everyone. I want
to use a BX-35 to maintain two RS-232 ports. I have com3 working
without difficulty, talking to the LCD+.

I want to be able to load my program, disconnect from my PC, and
then connect com1 to another piece of hardware that wants to talk to
an RS232 interface. I know that piece of hardware works, because I
have been able to connect it to my PC's serial COM1 port and control
it without difficulty.

Two questions:

1) Is it possible for me to do what I want, and is there any trick
from a software standpoint?

2) If I can maintain two ports, I want to connect directly from pins
14 and 15 on the BX-35 to
other hardware; its front end is a MAX-232 chip. Do I need any
resistors, etc to make this work?

Thanks very much.