usb to serial wireless bluetooth product????

Started by mechatronicsccc July 17, 2006
Has anyone seen this or used it themselfs.
This is a wireless USB to serial.
I am looking for a way to wireless program and debug my projects and
this looks like a good device.
BluePlug/BluePort Bluetooth USB & Serial Pair
Below is the link

The Basic-X IDE needs to toggle the processor's DTR/ATN to get the
attention of the processor. It looks like that pair of Bluetooth
modules does not carry DSR/DTR so I doubt that they will provide what
you need.

FWIW, I've used three different Bluetooth pairs. None of them could
toggle DTR fast enough to use for programming, but I settled on the
TDR blu2i for one project and the Initium Promi ESD-02, a much simpler
module, for another. They both have served well.