Parallax Hitachi H48c Accelerometer

Started by kuhns_casey August 5, 2006
Hello all, I have been working for some time now on interfacing this
accelerometer to the basicX-24. It is giving me real troubles. They
show the source code in Pbasic and they simply use shift commands. I
wish I coudl do the same but I need 12 bits. I looked up all the
indivudual chips and it uses SPI protocol I am assuming. what puzzles
me though is it uses one pin instead of 2 for the connection. How is
this supposed to work (especialy when I have to output data to the
accel to get data). I have been playing with the openspi and spicmd
commands for a while and nothing is working. Is there a timming

I have tried to go through the commands with SPI and I even tried to
use shift in commands. I can post my codes up here for all to look at.