Re: Too much for one man again.

Started by Scott August 7, 2006
> When i get some meat to the project i will be posting all my work as
> open source. After all im a Linux freak and it would be against the
> grain not to.
I have started a IDE for Basic Stamps, and instead of re-inventing the
wheel I would love to include whatever code you have to my project.

About my Project:

BSide, Basic Stamp IDE, is a collection of command line tools to
program and debug any BASIC stamp under linux. Currently we fully
support Parallax's full line of stamps along with Coridium's
ARMexpress. I would love to include the BasicX to the list.

My target audience is the hobbiest and the upper level education
circut. I feel the more we education and provide the proper tools,
the more people will be willing to try something and perhaps take a
liking to it. With me being a college student myself, it has opened up
a new world and one that I'm really enjoying.

My site for the project is

I would love your input and really look forward to your reply.

Thanks Again,
Scott Sloan