help! can't load, lost my DTR/ATN voltage.

Started by spillikinaerospace December 13, 2006
hello anyone,

has this happened to you?
BasicX downloader v 2.1...I/O Ports...ATN Diagnostic...
set ATN pin high, voltage between pins 3 & 4 (24p) is
about one volt. set line low, voltage is -1 volt.

remove 24p from its socket, repeat proceedure, voltage
across positions 3 & 4 is +/- 12 volts.

using PC serial port. cable checks out OK. with power
off, measured ohms between pins 3 & 4 ... open circuit.

everything worked fine time and again untill i loaded
my latest program, and now no download, even though the
loaded program still executes perfectly, a program **that
debug.prints data back to the monitor window!**

"Houston we have a problem"

thanks anyone, mike