Problem operating com1 and com3 in same program

Started by djvadder January 7, 2007
I have two programs- one uses com1 to communicate with a cmucam, the
other uses com3 to communicate with an ssc32 servo board. Each
program operates perfectly independently, but when I add them together
into one program, the whole thing locks up.....any ideas? Thanks!
> ... Each program operates perfectly independently...

Insufficient information. How are you "adding the programs together"?
Did you tack them together in one main loop or split them into
separate concurrent tasks?

If the former, I'd comment out all of one function's code and get the
remaining code running like before you combined them, then start
uncommenting code carefully until it starts failing again. Focus on
that immediate problem; when that's working, move on to another bit of
code. Pay attention to competing resources (use Semaphore) and stack