profile building material

Started by mechatronicsccc January 15, 2007

I been building small rolling robots using hacked servo motors.
This has been a great expermentign base but, Now I like to make the
next leap into something larger to experment with. I worked with
profile framing before at my job and liked it. I think that it
would be a great framing material for a 20 to 50 pound indoor/
outdoor robot that would be an expermenting platform. The 20 *20 mm
would be ideal.
The only problem is the starting cost. But I built other frames in
work and seen the cost savings in time and material. And the nice
thing is that with a Tslot nut you can mount anything anywhere on
the frame. I was thinking on using the bosch rexroth framing. It
is what i think the best cost and versital with a vender within
driving distance.

Has anyone out there ever used this before??