Dual Background Pulse trains, With Different Pulse Width

Started by alan January 15, 2007
I have two stepper motors that i am controlling the timing of via a
pulse train. (1 pulse = 1 step) I need to send a different pulse
train to each motor... each of a different period.

The problem that i am having, is that it doesnt appear to be possible
with the basic x-24 stamp? This needs to be a background operation,
as the chip is also handling user interaction to change the speed etc.

With PicBasic pulseout just simply repeats until told otherwise,
there no equivelent on the basix x-24?

I have read through the PWM example posted on the website, i cant find
any documentation on if i can use one of the other 2 timers, and how
they would be addressed.

Any help is appreaciated.