PID Question BX24 and Megasquirt

Started by April 17, 2007
Hey to share that code for the BX24 and Megasquirt? 9please please please )

Having swapped out to MSnS-E I've lost the use of the idiot lights for the WUE and ASE etc. (using them to drive the wasted spark setup) I'd like to be able to read the comm port and output a few simple idiot lights on the dash or in a gauge face to replace them. Actually, reading the WBO2 and vacuum would be nice in the same gauge.

I've written up the code to convert the A/D's to pulse widths to drive mico RC servos as the meter needles for vac and WB02. I just need the serial comm data string stuff to pull out the variables to monitor.
Perhaps a trade of some of the code segments are in order?



....topic stuff: I use a BX24 to interrogate the
>realtime variables of a MegaSquirt EFI/ignition controller via a serial
>port and display this info on a VFD. I'm working on squeezing in enough
>code to be able to modify the Megasquirt parms in real time as well.
>Nice robust product!
> -Mike