OEM downloader

Started by kirklovewell July 6, 2007
I have found some old messages that reference an OEM downloader
application that works with the BX-24. Is this still available, and if
so, where would one go to get it? Can't find any reference to it on
the BasicX website.

> ... OEM downloader application...

An obsoleted OEM downloader application was removed two years ago when
its functions became available in command-line options of BasicX.exe
v2.1, I think.

Follow this thread:
Sorry, and this:

I've uploaded the BX OEM downloader to the files section, under BasicX
Tools. It's an improvement over having to install the full IDE, but
still not what I would call a brand-able distributable. IMHO, it
should be a DLL or an ActiveX control, where you could build it into a
more customized application. Limitations aside, it does work.