Re: please......

Started by Kit December 6, 2007
Hi Guys one and all

Good to see the group stirred up, pity it's not about a new feature/s being
offered by the range of processors we all support.

I have to support Tom here, as moderator of the group he has contributed
more than anyone else in providing solutions to new and short time visitors
to the group in the past months. If there were more support and input from
NetMedia then perhaps the traffic through this group would be somewhat
healthier. It would be a good idea if NetMedia could write up an article
once a month, possibly issue a challenge to group members, offer an
incentive or two and in other words help to make their own back yard more

With all groups there is a certain etiquette as to the way we must present
ourselves and that should certainly go here; ask nicely in most societies
and it is unusual to not find someone willing to help but ask in the wrong
way and it is easy to be snubbed. This is the normal way of life whatever
continent you live on.

In the past there have been other comments about the way posts have been
written and I believe that Tom's comments about capitalization and basic
grammar are indeed important. If I were to write code in such a sloppy way
or approach a project in a similar manner then it would be partially doomed
to failure from the outset. The great thing about a group like this is that
there is the possibility it observe, try out examples as they are discussed,
or review them as shown in the files section, AND then if they don't work
out it is possible to ask a more precise question which might just
correct/fix the problem in just one fell swoop.

That's my input


> ... dump/defer...

Someone will need to explain that; what's that mean?

I admit, as moderator of the group, that I see many messages before
others and often respond first. I often, though, wait to respond for
a few days, in most cases, to see if others will.

There is little traffic here, and few contribute. It is a surprise
that I stick out?