need some help with bx-24

Started by eyal_munteanu December 7, 2007

I got the basicx-24 developer kit and I'm trying to connect a LED to
each programmable pin of the chip and I run into a problem:

A) If I connect the (-) side of the led to pin23 and then the (+) side
of it to another pin between 5 and 20, the LED reacts to the program
I'm running on it (with the provided basicx downloader v2.1) but it
gives a weak light.

B) If I connect the (+) side of the LED to pin24 and the (-) of it to
one of the other pins between 5 and 20 it give a constant bright light
but the LED doesn't react to the program.

What should I do, In order to get a bright light and to make the LEDs
react to the programming?

This is the programme:

Public Sub Main()

call putpin (26,0)

call rutina

End Sub

public sub rutina()


register.porta = bx00000000

register.portc = bx00000000

call delay(1.0)

register.porta = bx11111111

register.portc = bx11111111

call delay(1.0)


end sub


Eyal Munteanu
> ... 20 0hms resistor...

Yes, that's too small for a typical LED limiting resistor.