Re: Code to count pulses for fuel dispenser

Started by "" January 7, 2008
The code to do this is trivial. 2000ppm is only 33pps, which is well
within the speed capabilities of the BX24. You should use a keypad or
some similar device to allow the customer to input the gallon amount,
and start the pump. If you use the LCDX unit which has an LCD, and a
keypad interface, you would be able to achieve this. You WILL need to
read and understand the sample code given.
The veeder Root input pulses may need to be cleaned up and level shifted
to 5v pulses...i've not used one.... Simply use the pulse input to
increment a software counter ( in a fast loop) and when the count is
equal to or greater than the [preset pulse count enterd by the customer
on the KB, multiplied by the number of pulses per gallon,] shut off the
relay ( and zero the count, ready for the next KB command). You WILL
need to read and understand the BX24/35 docs to write a loop, handle
software counters and do comparisons.
allynroe wrote:

> I have a private fuel dispenser that I plan on using a BX-24 or -35 to
> control. I plan on using the processor to allow a user to enter in a
> gallon amount of fuel they need and then have it shut off the pump when
> it reaches this amount. I'll be driving a relay to the pump solenoid
> to handle the shutoff task but I need help on counting the gallons. We
> have a Veeder Root pulser (connected to the dispenser analog meter)
> which sends 100 pulses for each revolution it makes. I need help on
> having the processor count these pulses since it can do up to 2000
> pulses per minute. Anyone have some example code that could help me
> out?
> Best regards,
> Allyn
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> ... use the LCDX...

I agree that this sounds like a job for LCDX , which also has relay
driver outputs and flexible (5v, 10v, 20mA, 10k resistive) input options.