Interfacing Parallax GPS with BX-24

Started by mconcepcion1510 March 28, 2008

Can any one please help me to program a parallax GPS in the Basicx,
because I Try but i dont know what I am doing Wrong. I want to read
the lines that the GPS send out but for some reason when I tried to
get the data from Queue , send to the screen a lot of Garbage. Please
help me is for a Important project. Thanks!!

Here is the code that I start to make :


'Constant & Variable Definitions *

Const PortNumber As Byte = 3
Const SerialInputPin As Byte = 15
Const InputQueueSize As Integer = 40 ' 1 byte buffer.
Dim InputQueue(1 To InputQueueSize) As byte
Const OutputQueueSize As Integer = 40 ' 1 byte buffer.
Dim OutputQueue(1 To OutputQueueSize) As byte
Const Baud As Long = 4800
Const NullOutputPin As Byte = 0
Dim Value As Byte
Dim GetByteGPS as Integer
Dim buffer as integer


Sub Main()

Call OpenQueue(InputQueue, InputQueueSize)

' Inverted logic, no parity, 8 data bits.
Call DefineCom3(SerialInputPin, NullOutputPin, bx1000_1000)
Call OpenCom(PortNumber, Baud, InputQueue, OutputQueue)

Call GetQueue(InputQueue, Value, 1)

GetByteGPS = GetQueueCount(Value)

Debug.Print " GetByteGPS =" ; CStr(GetByteGPS)
End Sub

> ... Parallax GPS in [] BasicX...

I don't recall any mention of that receiver here, but it can operate
in two modes, I see. One is "Raw" mode, which produces NMEA
sentences. You can find several recent threads in the archive here
that deal with NMEA GPS strings and DateTimeNMEA.bas - and others,
that should help you get started.

Your receiver also offers a mode that accepts five-byte ASCII commands
to request a specific value, like Altitude or Longitude, each value
separately. You might find that mode easier once you are
fundamentally communicating with the device.