How do I set the date and time of the BasicX-24 RTC?

Started by taber0015 July 30, 2008
I just recieved my BasicX-24 development kit and am having some problems
setting the RTC. I've loaded the serial 2x16 LCD demo and it works
great! The problem I've having is at the end of the LCD demo the
display shows the default date and time. Now I have changed the LCD
demo code by adding PutDate and PutTime, but it doesn't seem to be
working. The PutTime command wont compile correctly. The PutDate
command compiles, but the changes are not reflected when I run the
program. The LCD demo finishes and just shows the default date.

The way I'm adding these procedures is to simply add the lines: Call
PutDate(yr,m,d) and Call PutTime(hr,mn,s) after Sub Main.

Am I doing something worng? Could someone please post some sample code
that will show me how to set the date and time?

Thanks for any assistance,

Mike T

Hello, maybe what I'm writing has nothing to do with your problem, but
you know that when you reset the device the RTC returns to default?

-- K.