Re: Interfacing basicx with DC motor with encoder

Started by March 23, 2009
Hi all,

I am looking for an encoder for DC motor. Could anyone give me some suggestion about which the encoder I should us for my DC motor.
the maximum output RPM of my motor is 3000, motor shaft diameter 1 - 3mm.

Thanks in advance for your kind help.


> ... how can I interface two DC motors with their respective encoders
>to BasicX...
>You'll need to solve have two hardware interface issues and write some
>code to get your motors under control.
>Speed control in DC motors usually uses PWM, which is a digital method
>of varying average power to a load (you'll need two channels of PWM,
>one for each motor); your code will determine and maintain the
>repeating PWM pulse width. You will need a bipolar motor current
>driver for each motor that your PWM and direction signals will
>control; an H-bridge is most commonly used.
>Shaft position requires bidirectional counting of encoder signal
>edges; two signals, in quadrature, from each motor need to be decoded;
>your code or an external counter can accumulate the position count.
>Shaft velocity can be derived from the count.
>Your code can be very simple if you start with one motor in one
>direction, and it can become very sophisticated if you need rapid but
>smooth motion from point to point.
>There are many small DC motor control projects available online, for
>many processors. Here is a one to get you started: