Re: BX-24p Ram question

Started by Peter Richeson February 26, 2011
I am new to multitasking and am trying to figure out how much ramstack will be required. Where did Mikes's program BxDsim go? If I pull out the code I want to run into a standalone project, compile and will the amount of ram in compile stats/RAM be the stack required?


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> --- In b..., "Vic Fraenckel" wrote:
> > I was just reading the specs for the BX-24p. The available RAM is
> > 400 bytes. What does this mean? Is this the space that is used for
> > declared variables? Is it the stack space? As a practical matter,
> > how will this "small" amount of RAM restrict the program size and/
> > or performance?
> The 401 bytes is the User RAM space and it is used for declared
> variables, user stack, task stacks - everything. The chip used for
> the BX-24 only has 512 bytes of RAM. The system uses 111 of that
> leaving the rest for user programs.
> The limited size of the RAM doesn't affect performance except to the
> extent that you make coding choices that trade lower RAM use for
> longer execution time. One of the difficulties of programming the
> BX-24 is determining how much stack space your application
> requires. Mike Perks has written an excellent utility, bxDism, that
> estimates stack usage and provides information useful for
> restructuring your program to use less. See
> He has also written several
> technical articles (available on his site) that describe in detail
> how BasicX works internally, including how RAM is used.
> Don