Re: Detail instructions for LCDX

Started by Tom Becker June 4, 2011
> ... Where can I find them?

If you have installed the Basic-X documentation, you'll find a Compiler
Guide that describes the IDE. Compiling and downloading to the LCDX is
the same as for a BX-35 project.

To compile, download and start the DoorLock demo:

Start the IDE by running Basicx.exe. Click File/OpenEditor.

In the editor click File/OpenProject, find the LCDXDemo project file
(LCDXDemo.bxp) and open it. Two files should load, LCDXLib.bas and
DoorLock.bas; they will appear as two tabs. You can switch back and
forth to examine and modify them as you wish.

Press F5 to Compile and Run. You might be prompted to open the Download
Port; select the appropriate port number, open it and clock OK. The
project should compile and load to the LCDX. If you see a "Halting
BasicX... Please press and release hardware reset button", power-cycle
the LCDX. Since the LCDX doesn't have a reset switch that's wired, you
might find it easy to just wait for the "Halting..." message to apply power.

Once downloaded, click Processor/Execute, or the green traffic light, or
cycle LCDX power. The code should be running.