QEP encoder troubleshoot

Started by October 17, 2011

I am a new user of F2812 (and also in your forum) and I face problems with QEP using simulink. I am trying to check through RTDX if my QEP input is right before implementing any advanced control code.

Firstly, when QEP and PWM are in the same EV then the captured results are inconsistent. Contrarily, in different EVs everything seems to work perfectly (almost).

Secondly, the encoder resolution is 10000 pulses per revolution, which means that the QEP should be 20000, 40000 depending on the pulses counting mode (rising, falling etc). However, the QEP peak value is unexpectedly of about 16000.

If someone knows sth about these issues (especially on the second), his contribution will be valuable.

Thanks in advance!

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